About us —— We are the only subsidiary of German HBS in China.HBS—Corporate ethics is more than just a trend


Product Series

Our AdvantageHBS Stud Welding Equipment (China) Co., Ltd.Quality and Innovation: the production of high-end products, to provide quality services


According to ISO 9001:2008 quality management system

01。Through the certification since 1994

02.Company policy and the improvement of the corporate mission

03。The high quality of products and service

04.Clear process

01.Five welding procedures,12 model series as well as more than 30 available options .
02.A full range of stud welding system:

Manual operation

Semi-automatic and fully automatic welding equipment

Robot application components

Custom machine

01.HBS always pay attention to the changing technology, manufacturing methods and application of new materials and the innovation.

02。Innovative research and development department

03.strive to become a leader in technology.

01.Provide complete welding accessories

02.Offers a variety of welding fasteners, to achieve high quality welding effect

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Product AdvantageHBS Stud Welding Equipment (China) Co., Ltd.We understand the business model of small and medium sized enterprises, demand, we advocate for customers to make sense of product application experience value, and not only the function of the product.

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